Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation: Days 8 & 9...Coming Home..aaahh!

I realize that I have left things hanging a bit!  I've already been home from vacation for two days and haven't even brought closure to it all!  Our trip home went very well.  We left our Park City home at about 8:30, waving good-bye to my folks who were watching us drive away from our wonderful porch!  They caught a plane at 2:00 that afternoon and were home around 10:00 that evening!  We, however, made it as far as Kearney, Nebraska. Remember how I alluded to the fact that Cheyenne was a unique city?  Well, it's nothing compared to Kearney!

After checking into our hotel, we ate at Whiskey Creek Steakhouse.  My flat iron steak was wonderful!  Yummy!  We then decided we needed to make a Walmart run so we set out down the main highway in Kearney assuming we would run across one soon enough.  What we ran into was a traffic jam!  Four lanes of traffic - both directions - bumper to bumper traffic for at least a mile...probably more like two miles.  What was going on?  We had noooo idea!  Plus, a great majority of the vehicles were pick-ups and Jeeps with people sitting in the back, on top or wherever they could fit a body!  If you think that is strange, get this.  The street was lined with people sitting in lawn chairs or laying on blankets watching the traffic go by!  This was 10:00 at night!  No idea when it started and no idea how long it was going to go on! 

Erin was so much in disbelief that she had to try to take pictures.  It was dark and she was trying to be inconspicuous so here's what she got...
Okay...those are really bad shots and does not show at all the numbers of people along the streets!  Crazy!

We did eventually find a Walmart, came back through via the weird parade-thing and went immediately to our hotel room and dead-bolted the door.  Now, I'm sure the people of Kearney are wonderful people but that just kind of freaked us out.

One very cool thing about Kearney...they have a Caribou Coffee!
So, we left our room bright and early Sunday morning, got our Caribou fix and hit the road again!  By 2:00, we were home.  Aaahhh!  It felt so good!  Even with the mountain of laundry that awaited me...

We were so happy to hug our boys, Dennis and Howie:)

And, thrilled with the many happy memories of Utah and spending time with my family:)

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