Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation: Day 6....Moose and Ziplining!

This morning started off sunny and beautiful!  I put on my running shoes and headed out the door, down the mountain and back to the McLeod Creek Trail that Erin and I biked on earlier this week.  Of course, the run DOWN the mountain was wonderful!  And, the view along the trail was inspiring....
The run UP the mountain turned into a walk actually.  Just a little bit harder than the trip down:)  But I did get a surprise on the walk back to the resort....A Moose!  I really didn't think that I was seeing a moose running across the main highway heading into Park City until I talked to my sister later and she confirmed that I am not crazy....there really are frequent moose sightings around here!  Cool! I was about a block from the moose but there really is no mistaking the body and antlers!  Wish I could have gotten a will just have to believe me this time!

This afternoon, we all went to the Utah Olympic Park for the adventure of a lifetime!  We ziplined down the mountain!  Erin, Molly, Kerry, John, Dad and I all did it!  Yes, my 85-year-old dad did it!  Is that awesome or what?  It was anticipation all the way as we rode...s-l-o-w-l-y....up the mountain in the lifts...
Then, as they harnessed us in and had us wait behind a door - I literally felt like a horse in the gates at the race track.  They released the doors and I literally screamed for a quarter of the way down the mountain.  But after the initial scare, it was a great ride!
What did we do then?  We did it again!  Wahoo!

After we were ziplined out, we went back to the Olympic center and looked around awhile...
and watched some kids being taught to ski-jump into a pool!
Were we done for the day?  Noooo!  We walked up and down the historic main street in Park City and did a little shopping....and sitting by bear statues....
It looks like he wants to eat us...doesn't it?

I got some great souvenirs for my hubby and friends!  But I can't say what I got because I don't want to give away the secrets:)  After shopping, we ate at Wasatch Brewery.  Molly and I shared BBQ'd Pulled Pork Sliders with Cilantro Coleslaw.  Delish!  We also had the debate on whether you can sit the fence on your opinion of cilantro. I believe that you either have to love it or hate it.  But I also believe that you can learn to love it.

Here I am enjoying a taster glass of Polygamy Porter beer - one of the many beers brewed at Wasatch Brewery!  Polygamy Porter...Why stop with just one?  (I know....disgusting, right?  But, hilarious...we ARE in Utah!)

Yep...I'm not sure what Erin is doing back there either!

Anyway...what a great day!

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