Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vacation: Day 2....Wyoming and Arrival!

Wyoming...what can I's a very interesting state.  Wide open spaces that go on fooooorever!  Cows, antelope and strange looking rocks that pop out of the ground (God definitely has a sense of humor!).  Roads that exit off the interstate, turn to gravel and wind up and over the horizon to who-knows-where?  Towns of trailer homes and big skies.

And, I was never so happy to see Utah!  Finally!  Of course, when we arrived in Park City, Utah city limits, it started downpouring rain:(  But we found the resort and then finally our room - This place is huge!  Mom, Dad, Kerry and her husband, John, were waiting for us there!  Yay!  Here is the view from our room on a cloudy day...

By the way, our room is the Presidential Suite (yes, you read right - the PRESIDENTIAL suite).  Just a few shots of our amazing room!  Yes, that's our own porch and hot tub...uh huh...
Yep..I think we can get used to this:)

After getting settled, we grabbed something to eat at Red Rock Brewery in Park City.  A fun place in a very neat shopping district area.  My family absolutely loves to eat...whenever we shop or travel together, our first question is "so where are we going to eat?"  Here is the group at our table at Red Rock...
Molly and I once again shared our meal - which is really the way to go, I think!  Meal portions at restaurants are soooo huge!   We ordered the personal-sized (yeah, right) Rotisserie Chicken Pizza (with red onions, mozzarella, gouda (yum!) and, of course, the chicken!  Molly is ready to dig in!
Back to the room and to the hot tub!...and, of course, we have to use the luxurious robes on loan from the resort!  Thank you for modeling, Erin!
Ahhh!  Is this heaven? 
No, it's Utah!
Good night all!

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