Friday, July 8, 2011

It's All About the List!

My vacation starts tomorrow!  Yeeee!  My girls and I are leaving bright and early in the morning for Utah.  My sister, Kerry, lives in Salt Lake City and my brother, Rick, oh so generously is letting my folks and my family use their time share in Park City, Utah for a week!  My mom and dad fly out tomorrow but we will be making the grand road trip!  Unfortunately, hubby Dennis cannot come with us... :( He has too much work to do.  I am going go miss him sooooo much.  Thank goodness for technology and the ability to talk, text, email and facebook - oh, that's husband is anti-computer and texting!  But, he does have a cell phone!  Thank goodness! 

In preparing for a trip such as this (or, in reality, anything in my life), it is ALL about the LIST!
Oh, how I love lists!  What would I do without them!  My life would seem so shallow and incomplete!  It is an absolute love story... Well, I might be going a bit far but they do seem to make my world go round!

What an awesome week!  Started on Sunday when Dennis, Molly and I traveled to George to spend some of the 4th of July weekend with my mom and dad!  Molly and Grandma spent some time together in the kitchen getting stuff ready so Grandpa could grill!
The next morning, I ran in a 5k race along the bike/walk trail around George.  It was a beautiful morning and I just love the trail.   As I run along it, I like to look at what has all changed in George since I lived few years reminisce a bit. During the race, my biggest fan Dennis, drove to strategic spots along the course so that he could cheer me on as I passed.  I love that man!  I finished the race in 29:23.  Not as good as my 5k finish last fall in Storm Lake.  But, that's okay!  Considering that cancer and a couple of surgeries happened between then and now, I am pretty happy with that!  After the race, my mommy made me baked french toast.  Yummy!  And, if you are looking for pictures of before, during or after the race...there aren't any...for a reason:)

A couple of hours later, what did we do?  We ate!  Again!   Rick and his wife, Linda, invited family members for a 4th of July lunch.  Linda's so creative... look at the pretty 4th of July display she put together outside their home!
Family included 2 of Linda's sisters and her mom and my folks and us from Rick's side of the family!  That's Rick and Linda in the front! And, Dennis is way in the back!
The rest of our holiday included driving back home, freshly baked cookies made by Erin and her boyfriend, Josh,
and a yummy Shaken Nectarine Raspberry Vodka Chiller (or maybe two...)
While packing and making lists was the focus of the past few days, we did manage to squeeze in some baseball!  We spent Wednesday and Thursday nights, watching our Ridge View Raptor boys come out victorious over IKM-Manning and St.Mary's.  Josh hitting...
and pitching!
Josh and his best friend, Greg, after the game....And, Heath, in the background wanting to be part of the picture too!

I am now working for the weekend....but better yet....working for the weekend and a week of vacation!  Now, where's my list?...

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