Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vacation: Day 1....Blast-Off!

After weeks of waiting and days of planning, the day had finally come!  Erin, Molly and I left on our big adventure in Grandpa and Grandma's mini-van (cool...)....south on  Highway 59 to I-80, took a right and kept going and going and going...

Eight hours to Cheyenne....a long day ahead of us....

At times we got a little silly...
Erin wearing Grandma's rain hat.  And, at times we just needed to stretch...
Always, being watched by our little guardian angel, Peach (McDonald's happy meal toy)...
Along the way, we played the license plate game and I am proud to say we gathered 28 so far!  One of them was Alaska!  How cool is that? 

We got to Cheyenne around 4:30 (MST).  Erin quickly made a list of things she has already learned about Wyoming - not all of it favorable so we will leave it unpublished for now:)  After checking into our luxurious room at the Super 8, we decided to search from some grub.  We ended up at Sanford's Pub and Grub (how fitting!) 
We were seated at a table that was perfect for Erin!
Waiting for our food!

It was worth the wait!  Molly and I ordered Aunt Mable's Stacked Sirloin!  Huge!  So glad we decided to share!
Erin ordered something called Chunks in a Circle.  Hilarious!  It was literally chunks of meat in a circle around mashed potatoes. 

Back to Super 8...watching Ocean's 11 and getting ready to fall asleep.  Tomorrow we arrive in Park City, Utah....or as I like to call it Ut-ahhhhh!


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