Sunday, August 7, 2011

What summer's all about!

Summer is......Camping!

For the past several years, we have camped in a fold-down camper.  We've loved it but, you know, we're getting older and lazier:)  And, we just thought that maybe it would be nice to have a camper that we didn't have to fold down when we weren't using it and one with...aaahhh....air conditioning!   Well, earlier this summer we were lucky enough that my hubby's dad gave us his camper trailer! 

Last weekend, we camped near Des Moines by Lake Saylorville.  Bob Shetler campground is below the Saylorville Dam on the channel.  The best thing about the campground is watching the water rush through the channel.  Oh...and the campsites are pull-throughs on cement slabs...Hello?  Uptown!
And, yes, this guy is actually trying to catch fish with a bow and arrow! We never actually did see him get anything.
The weekend was made even better by a visit from wonderful friends!
 Hannah!    Oh, yeah...her masters were there too!
Lisa and Steve....along with us! was pretty hot that day:)

This weekend, we camped at our all-time favorite campground!  Black Hawk State Park campground in Lake View.  Howie just loves looking out at the lake....
It was a beautiful weekend, but no matter what the temps - you have got to have a campfire...and Dennis is the absolute campfire-building champion!  He's very precise about how he chops the wood and kindling starter..
and then how he stacks it all in the ring... aaaahhhh.....the start to the perfect fire!

Bring on the s'mores!
We have one more camping weekend planned and if I have ANYTHING to say about it, there will be at least one more in addition to that.  Because what is better than summer camping?  Autumn camping!  Can't wait!

Happy Sunday Night everyone!  Hope your week is everything you want it to be:)

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