Friday, August 12, 2011

I Was There!

The first Republican presidential debate for the 2012 campaign was held last night.  And, I WAS THERE!  Thanks to my very well-connected friend, Ann, who was able to snag tickets, I was able to attend this super cool event! 
Plus, it was televised on Fox News so there was always the chance that I might show up in a crowd shot.  So, I was very careful not to pick my nose and to make sure I looked very interested and thoughtful the whole time!  I learned a whole lot about each of the candidates - like (and these are only my opinions):
* Ron Paul is a whack-job (and so are most of his supporters)
* Newt Gingrich is just an angry man
* Tim Pawlenty is kind of mean - but mostly desperate
* Jon Huntsman is really proud of his record
* Herman Cain has lots of great ideas - but doesn't have a chance of winning
* Mitt Romney seemed to rise above a lot of the bickering (I like him)
* Michelle Bachman really gets a bad rap from the press (and she is short!)
* Rick Santorum seems to have a lot of good ideas and is very passionate (I like him too)

There you have it!  My expert political commentary - just what you've been waiting for!  Not only was the night informative but it was fun to spend time with Ann and my other awesome (if not wee-bit liberal) friend, Lisa:)

More time spent with friends...
Every six weeks or so, I get together with seven of my best friends from Early and we go somewhere fabulous to eat!  Last Tuesday night, we chose to go to Carroll to Santa Maria Winery and we sat and enjoyed our wine and meals in the courtyard!  It was beautiful because gone were the 100 plus temps of the week before!  I actually had to put on a jacket!  Lovely!  
Aren't they all just such pretty ladies!  Love them all dearly!  And, down to business....I had their yummmmy Turkey Artichoke Panini with a side of Rabbit....NO! I did not order rabbit as my literal-thinking friend, Jill, thought I had:)  It is rabbit food!  Carrots, tomatoes and celery with ranch dressing!  Hee, Hee!  But Santa Maria calls it Rabbit - too funny!
I also enjoyed a glass of their own Riesling Reserve.  Wonderful!  I would have to say, though, that my favorite wine of theirs is their Petite Syrah - Yup!

A Molly Moment
Molly got her ears pierced this past Monday.  I gave in...  against my better judgment... but I did it.  Mostly because when Molly wants something, she is the master at wearing me down with constant talk about it...
* I sure can't wait until I get my ears pierced.
* When can I get my ears pierced?
* I can wear these kind of earrings when my ears are pierced.
* Emily thinks my ears will look nice pierced.
* This juice is good....I think it will match the earrings I get.

Aagh!  Okay, Molly!  Let's do this!  Erin and I took her to a cosmetology school near to us (yup...they're cheap.)  We laughed when they called a gal over and she got a real scared look on her face...aaah! Obviously, she had never pierced ears before...  Oh, Molly, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into:)

Of course, the instructor is there the entire time and demonstrates much of it and coaches the student through the rest.  I had my camera at the ready to catch the moment the "CLICK" happened so I could catch the look on her face for posterity. 
She didn't flinch!  What?  Not fair!  Everyone jumps when they get that first hole shot through their ear! 

Not Molly...she was the true example of calm...obviously I was a little movement!

Truly happy to be done:)  Me TOO!  Back to peace and quiet....

Happy Friday everyone!  Straw Poll tomorrow in Iowa!  Stay Tuned!

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