Monday, September 5, 2011

We did what?

Five days ago, my husband and I decided we wanted to go camping this weekend - Labor Day weekend.  But not the whole weekend - we just wanted to camp Sunday night.  If you know anything about camping, then you know that getting a decent camp spot in a campground over Labor Day weekend that late in the game is next to impossible.  Plus, Dennis and I are just not into the huge crowds of people that the holiday weekends bring. So, what to do?....what to do? 

It just so happens that we have a friend who owns some ground near to where we live.  Dennis said "it's really nice - near a river - with a campfire ring and everything!"  I wasn't so convinced but I was willing to try anything. By the time we rounded the last turn on the narrow, winding river road and I laid my eyes on the spot where we'd be spending that night, I was sold! 
We set up camp and started relaxing....aah!
Howie loved exploring....and made a friend with a deer stand that had been set up out there by the land owner:)
Campfire!  Yes, even out here we couldn't totally escape from the world.  We had a visitor...oh, well!  It was great to share our fire and some conversation:
 When we left the camp spot on Monday morning, my question was "Can we come back?" 
 When we got back home, I made us an amazing breakfast!  It was inspired by a breakfast that I read about on Iowa Girl Eats.  Kristin and her husband had gone to San Diego for the BlogHer convention and ate one morning at Cardiff by the Sea.  Kristin had the Vegetable Scramble and I fell in love!  Here is my version!
Scrambled eggs with green peppers, onions, mushrooms, tortilla strips (and a dollop of cream cheese right at the end for creaminess).  Eggs go on top of a bed of home-style hashbrowns and everything is smothered with sharp cheddar cheese.  Served, of course, with a side of Tiefenthaler Meats medium-cut bacon. Yummy! I think we have a new favorite breakfast choice!

What did we do with the rest of the weekend?  Thank you for asking!  It was wonderful!  On Saturday, we (meaning me, Molly and Ann) painted Miss Molly's room!  She wanted pink...and SHE GOT PINK!
Isn't it cute?  Waiting on some new blinds for the windows and we'll move a desk in there for her and it will be a done project....CHECK! 

Sunday morning, we went to Sioux City and took Erin and her boyfriend, Josh, to church at Grace United Methodist Church which is right by Morningside's campus.  Small-world story - the usher who showed us to our seats grew up in the town where we live!  We knew his mom before she passed away - she went to our church!  I love it when stuff like that happens!  After eating together at Perkin's Restaurant, Dennis and I went home (so we could go on our big camp-out) and Molly stayed the night with Erin at Morningside!  She was so excited to spend the night as "big college student!" 

Now - it's nearing the end of a fabulous Labor Day weekend - getting myself mentally ready to "labor" again tomorrow at work....sigh....if only we didn't need that little thing called "money."   Ha, ha!  Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Wow, never would have guessed pink. It's GORGEOUS!