Tuesday, January 11, 2011


You are perhaps wondering about the name of this blog - Running with Robbie - thinking it is for those who participate in the sport of running.  Well, that is partially correct.  To be true, this blog is just for me.  But, if others wish to creep onto this page and see what I have to say, I am completely fine with that!  Running is an intentional act and if something is important to us, we should be intentional about it.  For me, that means:
- running with patience (seems like these two things might cancel each other out - but actually I need to be more intentional about being patient.)
- running to bring a sense of peace to my life (very much the same as "running with patience")
- running to spend time with my husband and girls
- running to be a good friend
- running to spend time in God's Word
- running to be actually running (as in - training for my half-marathon!)
- and finally, but most importantly, running with perseverance the race that God has marked out for us - fixing our eyes on Jesus.

In all of things, my wish is to be intentional. My writings will focus on what I am doing on a daily basis to be intentional about the things I am passionate about.  I hope to share my joys, my concerns, my successes and my struggles.  Through it, my wish is that this will be the record of my journey to find and maintain true happiness and peace.

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